Sustainability and Responsibility at Vegan Bar

We are daily working on doing our part to leave the Earth in a condition, safe enough for future generations.

Examples of What we do

Soy Beans

Soybeans are versatile plants, full with proteins and made into food products like tofu, soy sauce, and we use them in our Tennessee Whiskey Marinated Soy Patty.

But unfortunately all is not good and the soybean industry have many flaws.

How do we decrease usage of soy?

Food Waste

10% of food made available to EU consumers may be wasted according to official EU Statistics. That is a stunning 57 million tonnes of food, 127 kg per EU citizen while millions of people suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

How do we try to tackle food waste

Renewable energy

All our electricity are from renewable sources, which helps us reduce CO2 emissions, reducing overall air pollution and do our part in fighting climate change and the greenhouse effect. 


The exponential growth of plastic production is having a catastrophic effect on the society as a whole. From endangering our health and contributing to garbage & pollution, to threatening ocean life and wildlife, plastic has become a major problem that requires urgent attention.

How do we try to tackle the Plastic Issue

We only work with suppliers who take sustainably seriously