We’re just a group of people who love what we do.

Our mission is to deliver top-notch food and beverages while having a good time and we take satisfaction in working together to create a positive impact on the environment and the animals.



The Beginning

We began our mission in 2015 as a small team dedicated to promoting Vegan Food and its benefits.

We wanted to show that Vegan Food isn’t boring, difficult, and tasteless, but a flavorful and exciting way of eating.
It doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive to be delicious, nutritious, and sustainable.

We choose burgers for our quest because we wanted to showcase how delicious and satisfying plant-based meals can be, even in a traditionally meat-centric food category.

Besides that, who doesn’t love a good burger?

Present Day

Through our dedicated work and constantly adapting and changing our menu and burgers we have been able to dispel stereotypes about vegan food being unappetizing and difficult to prepare for the broader public.

In fact, a large minority of our customers are non-vegans who are curious about plant-based eating and appreciate the delicious and diverse options we provide. This shows that promoting vegan lifestyles not only benefits vegans but also attracts a wider audience who are interested in adopting healthier and more sustainable eating habits.

Environmental sustainability is also an important aspect of our mission, sides ensuring that our business operations align with the principles of veganism we also strive to minimize our carbon footprint.

You can read more detailed about our sustainability work here

Future of the Vegan Bar

We believe that promoting a vegan lifestyle is essential not only for the well-being of individuals but also for the sustainability of our planet.
As the environmental impact of animal agriculture continues to become more apparent and urgent, adopting a plant-based lifestyle is one important way that individuals can contribute positively to mitigating the negative effects of climate change and other environmental challenges.

Research has shown that a well-planned vegan diet can provide all the nutrients for good health and may help prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. (Bollani et al., 2022)

Therefore, it is important to continue promoting a plant-based lifestyle and providing information about vegan nutrition in order to help individuals make informed choices that prioritize their own health and the health of our planet.

In the future, we will regularly post blog posts to share informative articles, delicious plant-based recipes, and news with hope of inspire more people to make the switch to a plant-based lifestyle.


Bollani, L., Bonadonna, A. and Peira, G. (2022) “The Human Perspective in Consumer Ethics and Animal Welfare Issues: Envisioning a Future for Change,” Journal of Advances in Management Sciences & Information Systems, 8,p. 1-10. Available at: https://doi.org/10.6000/2371-1647.2022.08.01.